Sixth Generation

473. Frank Herbert McQueston was born on 12 November 1875 in North Andover, Massachusetts. He died on 4 September 1958 in Detroit, Michigan. He has reference number 1509(49-96).

Frank Herbert McQueston and Jennie Gledhill were married on 1 June 1897 in Massachusetts. Jennie Gledhill was born on 28 December 1876 in Halifax, England. She immigrated about 1888. She died on 14 May 1949 in Detroit, Michigan. Jennie was buried Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.

Frank Herbert McQueston and Jennie Gledhill had the following children:



William Gledhill McQuesten.



George Harold McQueston.



Helen Mildred McQueston.



Herbert Russell MacQuesten.