Fifth Generation

391. George E. McQuesten was born on 1 May 1868 in Nashua, New Hampshire.5 He died on 7 November 1916 in New York City, New York.5 He was educated Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Massachusetts.5 George has reference number (212-164). He interested in electrical inventions. in Marblehead Neck, Massachusetts.5

George E. McQuesten and Emma Maria Sawyer were married on 2 April 1896.5 Emma Maria Sawyer was born on 21 June 1865.

George E. McQuesten and Emma Maria Sawyer had the following children:



Barbara McQuesten was born. She has reference number (212i-164).



George McQuesten was born on 2 December 1906. He died on 16 September 1909. He has reference number (212ii-164).