Fifth Generation

336. Charles Daniel McQuesten was born in 1845 in Hudson, New Hampshire. He died on 21 June 1924 in Wareham, Massachusetts. He has reference number (170-147).

Charles Daniel McQuesten and Lovice Allen were married on 31 May 1870. Lovice Allen was born in 1842.

Charles Daniel McQuesten and Eunice R. Wright were married on 7 June 1882 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Eunice R. Wright was born on 13 December 1861 in Maine. She died on 6 August 1899 in Upton, Massachusetts.

Charles Daniel McQuesten and Eunice R. Wright had the following children:



Fannybelle McQuesten.



George E. McQuesten.



Charles Daniel McQuesten Jr..



Edith Helen McQuesten was born in Norfolk, Massachusetts. She has reference number (170iv-147).



Florence Josephine McQuesten.