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I have not been able to connect these individuals with their families, maybe together we can help find them a home.


    • Mildred - was married to Charlie Donahue.  Mildred had two children, Jack and Patricia Lou.  This family believes they have relatives in Canada, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Record Number: 19324


    • George - is found in the Parish of Kensington, County of Middlesex, England with a will probated 15 July 1836.  Record number: 24432


    • Addie - was born 2 September 1906.  She died 15 June 1982 in Orangevale, California.  Record Number: 11556
    • Agnes - was born 30 November 1892.  She died 15 August 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.  Record Number: 11557
    • Ima - was born about 1928.  She died 22 September 1928 and is buried in the Old Palestine Cemetery in Alto, Texas.  Record Number: 26829
    • Jane was born about 1801 in Tennesse, dying about 1850 in Texas. She was married twice, one husband being Andy Hopkins. Jane and Andy had eight children. A second husband was Stokeley Enochs. Jane and Stokeley were married in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee. Jane and Stokeley had four children; Jason A., Thomas T., Miles and Margie A.Record Number: 11440
    • Jeff - was born about 1894 in Kentucky.  He is found on the 1920 census, livng in Ballard County, Kentucky.  Jeff is listed as a hired laborer in the home of Sam HendersonRecord Number: 23995
    • Julia F. - was born 10 June 1928.  She died 2 April 1994 and is buried in the Tecumseh Mission in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.  Record Number: 24433
    • Lewis Hardy - was born 8 September 1915.  He died 13 July 1927 and is buried in the Miami Cemetery in Miami, Texas.  Record Number: 24379
    • Marsha N. - was born about 1842 in Ray County Missouri and was married to William Henry Snider.  William and Marsha had eight children, one of whom was a boy, B. Snider born 12 January 1885 in Ray County, Missouri.  Record Number: 22291
    • Merle - was married to Nona Sullivan.  Merle and Nona had three children, Steven A., Merle Dale and Sharon.  This name came to me from Steven's wife, SylviaRecord Number: 17867
    • Richard P. - was born in Kentucky.  He married Della May.  Richard and Della had a child named Dasie Lorine, born 13 October 1909 in Lillah, Yakima County, Washington.  Dasie died 10 December 1915 in Yakima, Yakima County, Washington.  Record Number: 13547
    • Sarah - was born 18 August 1852 in San Francisco, California.  Record Number: 1160
    • Sarah - was married to James Coots, probably in North Carolina in the mid 1700's.  She is said to be the daughter of James McCuistion.  Record Number: 28239


    • Aubrey H. - was born 19 April 1932.  He died 5 October 2002 in Norfolk, Virginia.  Aubrey is burried in the Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia.  Record Number: 24434
    • Cornelia - was born in 1863, and died in 1943.  She was married to John Samuel Hine who was born in 1863 and died in 1946.  Record Number: 16509
    • George - was born 12 June 1882 in Texas.  He died 9 December 1956 in Los Angeles, California.  George's mother's maiden name was AikenRecord Number: 21015
    • Hattie - was married to George West on 19 August 1894 in Navarro County, Texas.  Hattie is listed as a free woman of color in the Cemetery and Marriage Books for Navarro County.  Record Number: 11353
    • Joe - was born 1 December 1809, and died 12 December 1899.  He is buried at Spring Hill or Cedar Cemetery, black cemeteries in Mississippi.  Joe is buried with Ellen McCuiston, who was born in August 1823 and died 13 August 1899.  Record Number: 19322
    • John - and his wife Vina buried their children, Zola A. and Rennie L. in May of 1885.  The children are buried at Mount Zion Negro Cemetery in Calloway County, Kentucky.  Record Number: 19719
    • Leonard - was born 7 March 1932.  He is buried in the New Concord Cemetery, Calloway County, Kentucky.  Record Number: 20122
    • Mary Elcy - was born 13 September 1885.  She died 14 September 1898 and is buried in the Mount Zion Negro Cemetery in Calloway County, Kentucky.  Record Number: 19718
    • Mazy Ida - was born 18 April 1872, and died 4 October 1960.  She is buried in the New Concord Cemetery in Calloway County, Kentucky.  Record Number: 20123
    • Pelina - was married to Bryant F. Futrell on 8 February 1884 in Henry County, Tennessee.  The bondsman was M. Midyett.  Record Number: 19353
    • Rebecca - was born 25 July 1807, and died 2 November 1885.  She is buried in the New Concord Cemetery in Calloway County, Kentucky.  Record Number: 20121


    • Agatha - was a waitress in 1969.  She was found in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.  Record Number: 4460
    • James - was married to Mary.  They had a child named LindaRecord Number: 7979
    • Raymond H., Sr. - was born 15 January 1908, possibly in Ireland.  He immigrated to New York, then lived in Massachusetts and New Castle, Delaware.  Raymond died January 1978.  He was married to Helen Baker.  Raymond and Helen had a son named Raymond H., Jr.  Record Number: 19328


    • Amelia - died 23 August 1759 in River Thames, Dorset, Ireland.  Record Number: 18186
    • Anthony - was born about 1756.  He was a baker by trade and immigrated to America 16 May 1774.  He was aboard the vessel "Gale" of Whithave bound for New York.  Record Number: 19208


    • Richmond Beckett - was born 12 June 1927 in West New Jersey, married in 1851 and died August 1975.  Richmond was a Professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Record Number: 9873


    • George Alouisious - was born in 15 December 1941, possibly in Oklahoma.  He had a sister, Melody, living in Ohio.  George married Mary Claire Rifenbery in Rockton, Illinios.  They had two children, Kyle Allen and Erin.  They were living in Illinois.  There has been no luck in locating the parents of this individual.  Record Number: 19262
    • Samuel A. - was born about 1849, died in 1925.  He married Margaret Jane Braden.  Samuel and Margaret had nine children: Alexander, Joan, Mary, Sarah, Rachel, Margaret, Agnes, Elizabeth and AnettaRecord Number: 26885


    • James Henry - was married to Mary Song.  They had a son, Charles Henry, born 5 May 1899 in Philadelphia, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Charles died October 1982 in Oreland, Pennsylvania.  Record Number: 18101


    • Annie B. - died 4 June 1912.  She is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.  Record Number: 21321
    • Ella - was born about 1852.  Ella received a cat scratch that led to blood poisoning.  She died 13 August 1906 in Liberty, Howard County, Indiana.  Record Number: 23481
    • Elva - was born in Lakefield, Minnesota.  During her life, she lived in Michigan and Iowa.  Elva "Polly" died September 1995 in Perry, Iowa.  She left two sons, Lee and Jim McQuistonRecord Number: 19723
    • Flora B. - was married to Dr. William J. Turner, Jr. on 13 December 1945.  Dr. Turner was born 23 November 1921 and died 14 February 1969 in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  Record Number: 13211
    • Gloria M. - married a McQuiston.  She was born 8 December 1921, and died 7 July 1998.  She lived in Fresno, California.  Record Number: 21009
    • James Ezra - is believed to be the brother of Matilda (below), nothing further is known of him.  Record Number: 21773
    • Jean - was born about 1748.  She married James Mathison 20 April 1770 in Parish of Inch, County Wigtown, Scotland.  James and Jean left Scotland 31 May 1775, aboard the "Jackie" of Glasgow bound for New York; with them were two children, Margaret, born about 1771 and John, born about 1774.  Record Number: 16888
    • Jennie - was born 1909.  She died an infant, on 13 August 1909.  She is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.  Record Number: 21322
    • John - was born 9 July 1904.  He died 27 February 1963 and is buried in the Holy Trinity Abbey Cemetery in Huntsville, Weber County, Utah.  Record Number: 21323
    • Jonathon - was born about 1729.  He immigrated to America 31 May 1775 on board the "Jackie" of Glasgow bound for New York.  Jonathan left Scotland in search of a better life in North Carolina.  It is unknown if he made it to North Carolina.  Record Number: 19209
    • Leslie - was born about 1865.  He married Henrietta Hunter about 1887.  Leslie and Henrietta had approximately twelve or thirteen children, two of which are believed to be Lula and Lester.  This family appears in West Virginia.  Record Number: 17149
    • Lionel Thiel - was born 24 April 1914.  He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 1938.  Lionel served in the U.S. Navy from 1938 until 1962.  He was a Captain, and served with Heavier than Air aircraft.  Record Number: 8885
    • Marjorie - was married to Joseph Schiffman.  She is known to have lived in Lorraine, Ohio.  Marjorie had a sister, Thea; who is believed to be a nun.  Record Number: 20941
    • Matilda - was married to John Lint or Leut on 21 March 1833 in Holmes County, Ohio.  Matilda is said to have a brother, James Ezra.  Record Number: 21418
    • Rebecca Isabell - was born about 1842, possibly in Scotland or Kansas.  She married John William Hadlow around 1865, in Independence, Kansas.  In 1880, Rebecca died from childbirth complications.  Record Number: 28162
    • Thomas - was married to Sally Stephens.  The marriage bond was posted 11 December 1815 in Mecklenburg County and Tyrell County, North Carolina.  Witnesses on the bond are: David McCullum, James Dennis, William Minson and Jess Alexander.  Record Number: 20120

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