Seventh Generation

616. William Joseph McQuiston was born on 10 July 1858 in Gerlaw, Warren County, Illinois.81 Name moved place date. He was Presbyterian in Monmouth, Illinois.80 Name moved place date. In 1872 he was a Book Sales in Monmouth, Illinois.80 About 1901 William was a President of Elmwood Telephone Company in Elmwood, Peoria County, Illinois.80,123 Name moved place date.80 He died on 13 September 1942 in Elmwood, Peoria County, Illinois. He was buried in Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois.80 William has reference number (11-503).

William Joseph McQuiston and Mary N. Holmes were married on 10 June 1886 in Warren County, Illinois.124 Mary N. Holmes was born on 5 October 1860. She died on 22 March 1908.

William Joseph McQuiston and Mary N. Holmes had the following children:



Mary Ethel McQuiston was born. She was a Teacher in New York, New York.123 She has reference number (11i-503).



Margaret McQuiston was born on 14 November 1890. She died on 22 May 1901.123 She has reference number (11ii-503).



Hugh Holmes McQuiston.



Marion Joseph McQuiston.

William Joseph McQuiston and Gertrude Margaret Beard were married on 5 June 1909 in Warren County, Illinois.125 Gertrude Margaret Beard was born on 18 May 1879. She died on 22 March.