Tenth Generation

6106. Richard Warren McCuistian was born in Olney, Young County, Texas.3333 He has reference number RM 8920.

Richard Warren McCuistian and Wanda Faye Gibbs were married.1344 They1344 were divorced. Wanda Faye Gibbs was born in Arkansas.1344 She has reference number RM 19071.

Richard Warren McCuistian-8920 and Wanda Faye Gibbs-19071 had the following children:



Kelli Rakel McCuistian-29110.



Matthew Joseph McCuistian-19072.



Lucas Warren McCuistian-19073.

Richard Warren McCuistian and Donna Kelley were married.1344 They1344 were divorced.1344 Donna Kelley has reference number RM 19074.

Richard Warren McCuistian and Sharon Lynne Fortenberry were married.1344 Sharon Lynne Fortenberry was born.1344 She has reference number RM 19075.