Ninth Generation

4765. Dr. Rodger Lewis McCuistion was born in Waco, Texas.925 He received a B.S. in Chemistry degree in Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.925 He was educated Graduate work in chemistry in Texas University, Austin, Texas.925 Rodger received a DDS degree in Texas University, School of Denistry, San Antonio, Texas.925 He was a Dentist in Lubbock, Texas.925 He has reference number RM 8800.

Dr. Rodger Lewis McCuistion and Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Lambeth were married in Midland, Texas.925 Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Lambeth has reference number RM 10649.

Dr. Rodger Lewis McCuistion-8800 and Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Lambeth-10649 had the following children:



Jolie Denise McCuistion was born in Lubbock, Texas.925 She has reference number RM 10650.



Ross Bryan McCuistion-10651.