Eighth Generation

2346. Una Vivian McCuiston was born on 20 June 1902 in Kemp, Texas.1453 She died in 1983 at the age of 81.242 She was buried in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.242 Una has reference number 3141/3139/3123(62i-353).

Una Vivian McCuiston and Clyde O'Dell Bruner were married on 18 December 1918. Clyde O'Dell Bruner died on 8 November 1922.

Una Vivian McCuiston-779 and Clyde O'Dell Bruner-787 had the following children:



Hillairy Howard Bruner-788.

Una Vivian McCuiston and Lee Healey were married. Lee Healey (private).

Una Vivian McCuiston-779 and Lee Healey-791 had the following children:



Coy Lee Healey-792.