Sixth Generation

346. Elisha McCuistion225,619 was born on 21 April 1818 in Bedford County, Tennessee.8,220 He appeared in the census on 4 September 1850 in Travis County, Texas.620 On 4 September 1850 he was a laborer in Travis County, Texas.620 Elisha served in the military Confederate Army at Civil War.619 He served in Confederacy under Captain Kayter of General Van Dorn's staff. He was wounded at Elkhorn Tavern, sometimes known as Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas. In 1880 he was a farmer in Precinct 3, Hays County, Texas.621 He was a Texas Ranger in Hays County, Texas. Elisha signed a will on 14 February 1901.220 Elisha left his entire estate to his wife, Eleanor McCuistion; at her death it was to go to his son George Washington McCuistion. T. J. Jennings was executor. He died on 8 December 1902 at the age of 84 in Hayes County, Texas.220 He was buried at Jacob's Well Cemetery in Wimberley, Hays County, Texas.220 Elisha has reference number RM 747 - GKM 3209 - LBM 5-336. Elisha and Lourana did not have any children. Elisha McCuistion was born in Tennessee, he moved to Missouri, and then to Texas in 1844, locating near Webberville, east of Austin. About 1856, he moved to Hays County, Texas, settling on Cypress Creek, a little above Wimberley. At the time, Wimberley was known as Cude's Mill.

Elisha McCuistion and Lourana Edwards were married on 10 December 1848 in Travis County, Texas.622 Lourana Edwards died on 28 July 1849. She has reference number RM 3826.

Elisha McCuistion and Elinor Soules were married on 31 October 1857 in Travis County, Texas.623 Elisha and Elinor were married by a Deacon of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, Austin, Texas. They623 appeared in the census in 1880 in Precinct 3, Hays County, Texas.621 Elinor Soules, daughter of Nealon Soules and Rebecca Jessup, was born on 3 February 1828 in Indiana.624 She died on 17 November 1902 at the age of 74.220 Eleanor left the estate to her son, George W. McCuistion; the household goods to her daughters, Sallie Jennings, Ann Jennings and Mrs. M. A. Blackwell. T. J. Jennings was the executor of her estate as well. She has reference number RM 3827.

Elisha McCuistion-747 and Elinor Soules-3827 had the following children:



Ann McCuistion-3828.



Sarah McCuistion-3829.



James Monroe McCuistion-3830.



William Rodney McCuistion-3831.



Francis Marion "Frank" McCuistion-3832.



Martha Fredonia McCuistion-3833.



George Washington McCuistion-3834.