Eighth Generation

3866. William Henry McQuiston was born on 22 October 1909 in Sumner, Illinois.1189,3139 He was an owner and operator of Isaly Dairy Business in Hartville, Ohio.3139 He went on to build and establish an Isaly Diary Store on Route 19 in Vernon Meadville. Following this he went onto manage restaurants in Buffalo, New York and subsequently began a successful sales career establishing a distributorship with Niagara Massage Corporation and the American Massage Corporation. It was from this business that he retired, and returned to Deer Creek Township with his wife, Betty. He died on 28 November 2002 at the age of 93 in Hadley, Perry Township, Pennsylvania.3139 William was buried on 2 December 2002 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, New Vernon, Pennsylvania.3139 He has reference number 2186/1599(79i-222).

William Henry McQuiston and Elizabeth Elsie "Betty" Galmish were married in Titusville, Pennsylvania.3139 Elizabeth Elsie "Betty" Galmish was born in Titusville, Pennsylvania.1189

William Henry McQuiston-6115 and Elizabeth Elsie "Betty" Galmish-10536 had the following children:



William Richard McQuiston died in 1940 at the age of 0. He was born on 11 April 1940. He has reference number 2196/2186/1599(79i-222).



Larry Charles McQuiston was born on 16 May 1942 in Titusville, Pennsylvania.1189 He died before 2002 at the age of 60.3139 He has reference number 2197/2186(79i-222).



John Frank McQuiston-8448.



Linda Lou McQuiston was born in Titusville, Pennsylvania.1189 She has reference number 2199/2186(79i-222).



Debra Lea McQuiston was born in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.1189 She has reference number 2200/2186(79i-222).