Sixth Generation

866. Edward Leonard McQuiston was born on 30 March 1854 in The Homestead, Allen County, Indiana. He died after 1907 at the age of 53.550 He has reference number (141-246).

Edward Leonard McQuiston and Elizabeth Martha Duly were married on 24 December 1890 in Sedalia, Missouri. Elizabeth Martha Duly was born on 27 July 1870.

Edward Leonard McQuiston-5962 and Elizabeth Martha Duly-10779 had the following children:



John Edward McQuiston was born on 19 May 1892 in Chicago, Illinois. He died in December 1960 at the age of 68. He has reference number 1648(141-246).



Hazel McQuiston-7560.



Marguerite McQuiston-9065.



Cornelia McQuiston-5961.