Ninth Generation

5366. Kathryn Leigh McCuiston was born on 1 October 1923 in Thomasville, North Carolina. She died on 24 July 1983 at the age of 59 in Morehead City, Carteret County, North Carolina.3528 She had Social Security Number 246-24-8181.3528 Kathryn has reference number 1660/682(169-257).

Kathryn Leigh McCuiston and Alfred Arthur Oliver were married in Chesterfield, South Carolina. They were married in West Palm Beach, Florida. They were divorced. Kathryn and Alfred were divorced. Alfred Arthur Oliver was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Kathryn Leigh McCuiston-5861 and Alfred Arthur Oliver-8712 had the following children:



Kathryn Gaylord Oliver was born in Lakeland, Florida.