Ninth Generation

5224. Dale Marion McCuistion was born on 10 December 1933 in Hollywood, California.2792 He died on 15 September 1972 at the age of 38 in California.2792,3484 He had Social Security Number 559-38-4494.2792 Dale has reference number 1273/110/2485. He served in the military U. S. Army.3485 As a Corporal in the Army, serving in Istanbul, Turkey; "Dale McCuistion was convicted, by a Turkish court in 1960 on a charge of illegal currency dealing by sending dollars from Turkey through the Army post office. He served an eight-month prison sentence, spending the rest of the time out on bail. He would have faced another three years in jail if the fine had not been paid. The money was raised ... through a campaign by his father, C. P. McCuistion. McCuistion said that at the time of the offense he did not know it was illegal to send dollars out through the army post office." Upon arriving in the United States, he promised "to try to clear my name."

Dale Marion McCuistion and Louise were married.2792 Louise (private).

Dale Marion McCuistion-5549 and Louise -26690 had the following children:



Margie McCuistion (private).



Mary McCuistion (private).



Michael McCuistion (private).



McCuistion (private).