Ninth Generation

5284. Betty Carolynn Perry was born on 4 November 1945 in Tulare, Tulare County, California. She was adopted. Betty is the adopted daughter of Oscar and Mary Jo McCuistion. She died on 27 September 2001 at the age of 55 in Rancho Cordova, Sacramento County, California.3497 Betty was also known as Ellen.3497 She has reference number RM 5139. GKM 208/1317/1425

Betty Carolynn Perry and Billy Peter Range were married. They were divorced. Billy Peter Range (private).

Betty Carolynn Perry-5139 and Billy Peter Range-5140 had the following children:



Ellen Clara Range was born in Sacramento, California.

Betty Carolynn Perry and William Henry Laarveld were married on 15 August 1970 in Manhattan, Long Island, New York. William Henry Laarveld was born on 22 June 1938 in Sacramento, California.3498 He died on 23 April 1995 at the age of 56 in El Dorado, El Dorado County, California.3498 He has reference number RM 5142.

Betty Carolynn Perry-5139 and William Henry Laarveld-5142 had the following children:



Dawn Dianne Laarveld was born in Stapleton, Staten Island, New York.



Arthur Pearl Laarveld was born in Sacramento, California.