Seventh Generation

1609. Gertrude B. McCuistion was born in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas.1902 She appeared in the census in Prairie Grove Township, Washington County, Arkansas.1018 She has reference number RM 5080 - GKM 2992/2486 - LBM 2-399.

Gertrude B. McCuistion and John William Barnby were married in Viney Grove, Arkansas.160 John William Barnby was born on 28 November 1890 in Kansas City, Missouri. He died in July 1962 at the age of 71 in San Antonio, Texas.

Gertrude B. McCuistion-5080 and John William Barnby-7336 had the following children:



Elene Meriam Barnby-7337.



Edwin John Barnby was born on 19 September 1920 in Viney Grove, Arkansas. He died World War II. He was the pilot of a P-38 during World War II and was killed in a plane crash outside London, England. Edwin held the rank of Lieutenant, he received decorations from both the French and English governments. Edwin is buried in Cambridge Cemetery.