Seventh Generation

1605. Silas M. McCuistion was born on 3 April 1888 in Sulphur City, Arkansas.160 He died before 1969 at the age of 81 in Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas.1892 He was also known as Sam.1892 Silas has reference number RM 5076 - GKM 2991/2486 - LBM 2-399.

Silas M. McCuistion and Alma Sanders were married. Alma Sanders was born on 25 June 1889 in Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas. She died on 18 January 1954 at the age of 64 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Silas M. McCuistion-5076 and Alma Sanders-10302 had the following children:



Juanita McCuistion-8615.