Ninth Generation

4315. Charles Rader McCuistion was born in Los Pinos, Del Norte, Colorado. He served in the military U.S. Army. He has reference number RM 498.

Charles Rader McCuistion and Grace Annette Kelsey were married in Denver, Colorado. Grace Annette Kelsey was born in Okolona, Arkansas. She was a Surgical Nurse.

Charles Rader McCuistion-498 and Grace Annette Kelsey-506 had the following children:



Sherri Lynn McCuistion-665.



Scott Wade McCuistion-666.



Randal Rader McCuistion-667.

Charles Rader McCuistion and Jan Eileen Tollas were married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jan Eileen Tollas was born in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri.2413