Seventh Generation

1603. William Henry McCuistion was born on 9 April 1879 in Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas.160,1342 He appeared in the census in 1880 in White River, Washington County, Arkansas.1019 He was buried in July 1965 in Tulare, Tulare County, California. William died on 4 July 1965 at the age of 86 in Springville, Tulare County, California.160,1342 He had Social Security Number 547-20-2962.1342 He has reference number RM 4881. GKM 1425/2486

William Henry McCuistion and Norah B. Shumach were married on 12 August 1898 in Washington County, Arkansas.160,1001,1889 William deserted Norah when she was pregnant with their second child. Norah B. Shumach1889, daughter of Bennett Shumate and Charity Vanhoose, was born on 15 June 1881 in Durham, Madison County, Arkansas.160,1889 She died on 17 March 1901 at the age of 19.1889 Norah died in childbirth as did the child, they are buried together. She was buried in Shumate Cemetery.1889 Norah has reference number RM 5088. Nora Shumach McCuistion died shortly after the birth of her son, Lindley.

In the Shumate Cemetery records, Nora's name is spelled Norah Shumate.

William Henry McCuistion-4881 and Norah B. Shumach-5088 had the following children:



Lenley McCuistion1889 was born about 1899 in Arkansas.160,1890 He appeared in the census on 29 April 1910 in Durham Township, Madison County, Arkansas.1890 He served in the military U.S. Army.1889 Lenley McCuistion [Shumate] was a private in the infantry, 1st division. Lenley died on 2 October 1918 at the age of 19.1889 He was killed in World War I. He has reference number RM 5089. GKM 2820/1425/2486 After his father deserted the family, and his mother died in childbirth; Lenley was raised by his grandmother Charity Shumate and her son Uncle Mark. He always used the surname Shumate. Lenley never married.



McCuistion died at birth.1889 He/she has reference number RM 23326.

William Henry McCuistion and Mary Ellen York were married on 12 April 1904 in West Fork, Washington County, Arkansas.160 They160 appeared in the census on 7 April 1930 in Park Hill Township, Cherokee County, Oklahoma.1891 Mary Ellen York, daughter of York and Brown, was born on 25 July 1884 in West Fork, Washington County, Arkansas.160,1342 She died on 27 February 1959 at the age of 74 in Tulare, Tulare County, California.160,1342 She has reference number RM 5087.

William Henry McCuistion-4881 and Mary Ellen York-5087 had the following children:



Beatrice McCuistion-4954.



Henry Augustus "Gus" McCuistion-5001.



Gertrude McCuistion-5129.



John Franklin McCuistion-5130.



Audie Bert McCuistion-4879.



Maudine Mae McCuistion-5131.



Woodroe McCuistion-5132.



William Carl McCuistion-622.



Oscar McCuistion-5133.



Bertha Ellen McCuistion-5090.