Third Generation

25. Jeane "Jane, Jeaney" McCuiston58,70,71 was born on 1 April 1745 in Pennsylvania.58,70 Name moved place date.11 Jean moved with her husband, first to South Carolina and then later to North Carolina. She lived in Rutherford County, North Carolina 72 She has reference number RM 482. GKM 617 - LBM 270-289 Her name is Jean McQuisten in the minister's marriage record of marriage to James Finley; marriage to her second husband, lists the name as Jean McQuistan Finley.

Jeane "Jane, Jeaney" McCuiston and James Finley were married on 2 March 1763 in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.10,70 James Finley, son of George Finley, was born on 6 February 1739/40 in Lurgon, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.73 He died in 1775 at the age of 35 in Tyron County, NC.74 He has reference number RM 3811. His name is recorded as Findley in the minister's marriage record.

Jeane "Jane, Jeaney" McCuiston-482 and James Finley-3811 had the following children:



John Finley-3813.



Samuel Finley was born on 6 May 1766.74 He has reference number RM 23808.



Barclay William Finley was born on 4 September 1767.75 He has reference number RM 3814. LBM 270ii-289



James Finley was born on 5 February 1770.75 He has reference number RM 3815. LBM 270iii-289



Polly Finley-28186.

Jeane "Jane, Jeaney" McCuiston and Robert Gilkey were married about 1775/6.72,76 The original genealogy identifies Jean's second husband as John Gilkey. Robert Gilkey was born about 1743 in Donegal, Ireland.76 He served in the military Revolutionary War.72,77 Captain Robert Gilkey was an adjutant in Andrew Hampton's Brigade of the North Carolina Militia. He died in 1810 at the age of 67 in Rutherford County, North Carolina.77,78 I, Robert Gilkey, being of sound mind and memory. I allow all my just depts to be paid from my personal estate. I give unto my beloved wife Jeaney Gilkey the possession of the plantation with all cattle, horses and tools to carry on the farm. She is authorized by this will to give and divide the personal estate between John, Anney and Rebecca as she may think proper, after the several sums are paid to the other children by this order. She is authorized to sell and convey one of the small entries of land to Samuel D. Finley for the money I owe him, if he will take it. I give to my daughter Letty $2. I give unto my daughter Sally $2. I give unto my daughter Jenny $2. I give unto my son John, the main tract of land at his mother's death, also I allow John (negro) Tom at the death of his mother. I appoint my wife Jeaney Gilkey & son John Gilkey executors, I appoint Maj. William Bradley Finley guardian to said executors. Wit: William Porter, Charles Lewis, James Cherry. Signed Robert Gilkey. Robert has reference number RM 3812.

Jeane "Jane, Jeaney" McCuiston-482 and Robert Gilkey-3812 had the following children:



Sarah "Sally" Gilkey-3817.



Letitia "Letty" Gilkey-3816.



Jeannet "Jenny" Gilkey-3818.



John Gilkey-3819.



Rebecca Gilkey has reference number RM 12091.