Third Generation

20. James McCuiston was born on 29 November 1736 in Derby Township, Delaware County, Pennslyvania.41,58 He Records show his name as James McQuiston on 9 October 1777 in Pennsylvania. James descendants continued to use the spelling McQuiston, while his brothers and their descendants who went to North Carolina use the original spelling. He died on 24 October 1804 at the age of 67 in Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.11,41,69 James has reference number 610(2-183). He served in the military Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania.24,39 James was a spy during the Revolutionary War. He is recorded in the Pennsylvania Archives as being paid to be a "spy on the western frontier." James signed the Westmoreland Declaration, which was issued a year before the Declaration of Independence.

James McCuiston and Margaret Trindle were married in 1762 in Silver Spring, Pennsylvania. Margaret Trindle, daughter of William Trindle and Margaret , was born in 1746 in Pennsylvania.1 She died in 1819 at the age of 73 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.1

James McCuiston-480 and Margaret Trindle-1844 had the following children:



William McQuiston-1846.



Robert McQuiston-1847.



Betsey Ann McQuiston-1848.



Sarah Janet McQuiston-1849.



Mary McQuiston-1850.



John McQuiston-1851.



James McQuiston-1852.



Alexander McQuiston-1853.



David McQuiston-1854.