Seventh Generation

1480. John Meals "Johnny" McCuistion412 was born on 1 April 1875 in Nacogdoches, Texas.412,1342 He died on 26 February 1959 at the age of 83 in El Centro, Imperial County, California.1342 He had Social Security Number 153-03-5491.1342 Johnny has reference number RM 4791. GKM 1799/1795 - LBM 9iv-402 John was ten years old at the time of his mother's death, and he, along with his sister Mary Ann, eight years old, and others of the children went to live with their grandparents, Thomas and Mary Ann.

John Meals "Johnny" McCuistion and Mary Texana Corley were married on 4 December 1895 in Nacogdoches, Texas.412 They412 appeared in the census on 9 January 1920 in Nacogdoches County, Texas.1645 Mary Texana Corley, daughter of Adkin Corley and Sallie Campbell, was born on 30 June 1880 in Nacogdoches, Texas. She died on 1 October 1960 at the age of 80 in El Centro, California. She has reference number RM 8519.

John Meals "Johnny" McCuistion-4791 and Mary Texana Corley-8519 had the following children:



Edna Texana McCuistion-6479.



John Earl McCuistion-5373.



Annie Vesta McCuistion-4790.



Faye McCuistion-7000.



Walter Tower McCuistion-6188.



Beulah Lurlyne McCuistion-5207.



William Thomas McCuistion-8265.