Sixth Generation

601. Miles Holloway McCuistion was born on 24 December 1836 in McMinn County, Tennessee.155,955 McMinn County, Tennessee is provided by Miles's granddaughter, Hazel L. M. Collins. It differs from the orginal genealogy which states, "born in Rhea County, Tennessee. He appeared in the census on 22 September 1850 in McMinn County, Tennessee.425 He appeared in the census on 27 June 1860 in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee.426 Miles home is listed next to his father, David R. McChristian. The last name is spelled McChristian in the census. Miles served in the military Union Army Civil War.11 Miles was reportly a cobbler, making boots for the Union Army during the Civil War. He lived in Rhea County, Tennessee in 1870 Miles and Elizabeth are listed in the 1870 Census for Rhea County, Tennessee. On 2 June 1900 he was a farmer in Rhea County, Tennessee.956 In 1903 Miles was a Postmaster in Fair, Tennessee.11 Miles was the Postmaster for Fair, Tennessee, from 21 April 1903 to 31 October 1905. The Post Office was in his home until it moved to Rhea Springs, Tennessee. The mail was delivered by steamboat on the Tennessee River and on horseback. He died on 24 April 1908 at the age of 71 in Rhea County, Tennessee.155,955 He was buried in Friendship Cemetery, Spring City, Rhea County, Tennessee.155,955 Miles has reference number RM 4703. LBM 8-392

Miles Holloway McCuistion and Elizabeth Jane Caroline "Betsy" Turk were married on 25 December 1857 in McMinn County, Tennessee.155 They155 appeared in the census on 2 June 1900 in Rhea County, Tennessee.956 Elizabeth Jane Caroline "Betsy" Turk54,957, daughter of Caleb Longly Turk and Elizabeth Jane Caroline Peck, was born on 15 January 1838 in Monroe County, Tennessee.155,955 She appeared in the census on 27 June 1860 in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee.426 She died on 2 August 1900 at the age of 62 in Spring City, Rhea County, Tennessee.54,155 Betsy was buried at Friendship Cemetery in Spring City, Rhea County, Tennessee.155,955 She has reference number RM 10144. The original genealogy identifies Elizabeth J.; whereas her granddaughter states the name is: Elizabeth Caroline Turk.

Miles Holloway McCuistion-4703 and Elizabeth Jane Caroline "Betsy" Turk-10144 had the following children:



Cytha Jane "Sithie" McCuistion-10910.



George Newton McCuistion-9513.



Laura A. McCuistion-12105.



James Louis McCuistion-5819.



Harriet Ella "Hattie" McCuistion-10912.



Samuel David McCuistion-8846.



Minerva McCuistion was born in 1867.958 She died before 1870 at the age of 3.958 The original genealogy indicates Minerva died while young. She is not listed in the family of Miles H. and Elizabeth in 1870 census for Rhea County, Tennessee. She has reference number (8vii-392).



Caleb Jesse McCuistion-5403.



Reverend Miles Franklin "Frank" McCuistion-5632.



Andrew Wilson McCuistion-4702.



Arthur Perry McCuistion-10918.



Anna Belle McCuistion-10919.



Fred Alvin "Freddie" McCuistion-10920.