Tenth Generation

6236. Rodney James Petrie was born in Pueblo, Colorado. He was a Veterinarian in Thedford, Nebraska. He received a DVM degree in Colorado State University.

Rodney James Petrie and Nancy Williams were married in Fowler, Otero County, Colorado. Nancy Williams was born in Fowler, Otero County, Colorado.

Rodney James Petrie-465 and Nancy Williams-1550 had the following children:



Candice Diane Petrie-1576.

Rodney James Petrie and Toni Haskell were married in Fort Collins, Colorado. Toni Haskell was born in Ainsworth, Nebraska.

Rodney James Petrie-465 and Toni Haskell-1551 had the following children:



Robin Angela Petrie was born in Mullen, Nebraska.