Sixth Generation

505. Mary Eliza "Mollie" McCuistion was born on 18 August 1858 in Bedford County, Tennessee.841,842 She appeared in the census on 7 June 1860 in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee.355 She appeared in the census in the household of James Porter McCuistion and Maranda Harvell Powell on 1 June 1880 in Izard County, Arkansas.354 Mollie was Baptist. She died on 7 May 1912 at the age of 53 in Foss, Oklahoma. She has reference number RM 455. LBM 103-369

Mary Eliza "Mollie" McCuistion and Joseph Darling Kemp were married on 8 May 1889 in Izard County, Arkansas.841,842 The original genealogy lists the date of marriage as 7 May 1889 and does not provide the state of marriage. Joseph Darling Kemp was born on 14 October 1846 in Virginia.841,842 The date of birth differs from the original genealogy; Leona lists the year of birth as 1846. He died on 6 April 1915 at the age of 68 in Foss, Oklahoma.841,842

Mary Eliza "Mollie" McCuistion-455 and Joseph Darling Kemp-584 had the following children:



Rachel Harvel Kemp-1807.



Joseph Willard Kemp-1808.