Ninth Generation

4907. Cass Loy "Mac" McCuistion Jr. was born in Cooke County, Texas.3396 He appeared in the census in the household of Cass Loy McCuistion and Bessie M. Sanderson at Valley Mission Road in Cooke County, Texas.2609 He was a Banker in Forney State Bank, Forney, Texas. Mac has reference number RM 4490.

Cass Loy "Mac" McCuistion Jr. and Kathrine Ada Smith were married in Valley View, Cooke County, Texas. Kathrine Ada Smith was born in Cooke County, Texas.3396 She has reference number RM 5502.

Cass Loy "Mac" McCuistion Jr.-4490 and Kathrine Ada Smith-5502 had the following children:



Dennis Charles McCuistion-5503.



Jerry Don McCuistion-5504.



Alan Wayne McCuistion-4489.



Ann McCuistion-4718.