Seventh Generation

1136. Joseph Alexander McChristian1468 was born on 18 April 1862 in Blandville, Ballard County, Kentucky.1469 He appeared in the census on 15 September 1870 in Ballard County, Kentucky.743 He appeared in the census on 30 June 1880 in Ballard County, Kentucky.744 Joseph appeared in the census on 8 June 1900 in Blandville, Ballard County, Kentucky. He is living with his younger brother, Charles; listed as Joe A., boarder. He died on 13 March 1909 at the age of 46. He was buried in Blandville, Ballard County, Kentucky.742 Joseph has reference number RM 4154. GKM 79 - LBM 1vii-404 Joseph's granddaughter, Eva provides the last name of McChristian. The children of Joseph Andrew and Geneva Riles lived in East St. Louis, Missouri.

The middle name was incorrect in original genealogy; it is Joseph Alexander vice Joseph Andrew. Joseph's great grandson, Joseph states, "We know that Joseph's middle name was Alexander because his tombstone says 'Joseph Alexander McChristian'.

Joseph Alexander McChristian and Sue Richardson were married. Sue Richardson died in January 1925 in Miami Beach, Florida.742 She has reference number RM 4161.

Joseph Alexander McChristian-4154 and Sue Richardson-4161 had the following children:



Robert Lee McChristian-4162.

Joseph Alexander McChristian and Geneva J. Rials were married. Geneva J. Rials was born in Kentucky.1470 She has reference number RM 4163.

Joseph Alexander McChristian-4154 and Geneva J. Rials-4163 had the following children:



Clarence Edison McChristian-17085.



Millwain McChristian-4165.



Gladys McChristian was born in Kentucky.1470 1470 She has reference number RM 4164.