Sixth Generation

381. Martha Isabel McCuistion was born on 31 January 1838 in Ray County, Missouri.716 She appeared in the census in the household of Benjamin Franklin McCuistion and Rebecca McClintock on 16 October 1850 in Ray County, Missouri.248 She died from hypertrophy of the heart on 30 May 1927 at the age of 89 in Oak Grove, Jackson County, Missouri.716 Martha was buried on 1 June 1927 at McCuistian Cemetery in Jackson County, Missouri.716 She has reference number RM 4035. LBM 67-354

Martha Isabel McCuistion and Henry Renfro were married on 29 December 1859 in Ray County, Missouri. Henry Renfro was born on 5 February 1835 in Ray County, Missouri.717 He served in the military Confederate Army Civil War.247 He served with Martha's brother, Jefferson, in Company C, 3rd Regt. Missouri Infantry of the Confederate Army.

He wrote home to his wife from Springfield, Jan. 10, 1862: “Dear Martha, I take the present opportunity of informing you that I am well and hoping this may find you enjoying the same blessing. I have nothing of interest to write you. I had a pretty hard trip in getting here from Lexington having made a forced march of seventy-five miles in two days and nights, only eating two meals in that length of time, with the Federals dodging close in our rear. It was said that they were within four miles of us at one time, 6,000 in number. How true it was I can not tell, but I am satisfied that if it had not been for aid sent to us by General Price, we would have all been captured there being only about 2,800 of us together and only about one-half of them being armed. Martha, I have been sworn into the Confederate service for 12 months, where I think every true Southern man should be that can leave home. When I left home, I did not expect to remain in the service more that 3 months, but when I got to Lexington, I found that I could not go in the state service for less than six months, and the Confederate service for 12 months. I belong to Capt. McDowell’s company, Jefferson, Gwinn, Leasle and Alex are all well, and are in the same mess with myself. Well, I must bring this to a close. I will come home to see you, as soon as I can. Do not let this time seem long, I want you to kiss Jenny for me and do not let her forget me. I will write to you every opportunity, and if you have a chance write to me. Nothing more at present, but remain yours until death. Henry Renfro.” He died on 1 March 1892 at the age of 57 in Ray County, Missouri.717 Henry was buried at McCuistion Cemetery in Richmond, Ray County, Missouri.717 He has reference number RM 4060.

Martha Isabel McCuistion-4035 and Henry Renfro-4060 had the following children:



Louisa J. "Jenny" Renfro-4061.



Augusta Ollie Renfro-4062.



Charles Lee Renfro-4063.



Rebecca E. Renfro-4064.



Jessie Arminta Renfro-4065.



Annie Mary Renfro-4066.



Nellie Ward Renfro-4067.



Octavia I. Renfro-4068.



John Henry Renfro-4069.