Fifth Generation

153. Noah McCuistion274 was born on 7 October 1822 in Cumberland County, Tennessee.293,294,295 He served in the military in 1841 in Camp Franklin, Texas.110 From the discharge paper of Noah McCuistion:

Headquarters, Camp Franklin

This is to certify that Noah McCuistian fourth corporal in my company (A) of Robertson Batalion has served faithfuly and Honorably from the 25th of January 1841 until this 5 of March 1841., as a mounted gunman, and is this day honorably Discharged March 5th 1841

E Morehouse
Saml B. Killough
Capt commander He appeared in the census on 7 September 1850 in Williamson County, Texas.296 Noah is listed living with the Bright family, Mary is not listed. On 7 September 1850 Noah was a methodist clergyman in Williamson County, Texas.297 Name moved place date.276,294,296,298 Noah and family left Texas on 14 March, but had the misfortune to miss the caravan they expected to accompany through Mexico, and so were among 150 people to charter the sailing vessel, York. The family departed Mazatlan and landed in San Diego, California. They then took a steamer and arrived in San Francisco, California on 12 August 1852.

He, through business ventures, traveled throughout California; spending time in Oakland, next going to Martinez in Contra Costa County, and in 1857 was in Sonoma County. In 1859, Noah was in Mendocino County, with a large herd of cattle, he stayed in Mendocino County. 1863, Noah is disturbed by Digger Indians, but rescued by soldiers.

He bought the block of land between Broadway and Hill, and Fifth and Sixth Streets, and located on 160 acres of land at Hollywood, becoming one of the first settlers there.

The McCuistion and Cox families came to California together. He Mining between August 1852 and 1854 in Mariposa County, California.298 Noah and his wife went into the mines in Mariposa County, and for two years he followed mining in various places. In 1853 he was a methodist minister in Tulare County, California.294 Noah held the first camp meeting there. Noah lived in Mendocino County, California in 1857–1859 294 Noah McCuistion, while being a local preacher (Methodist), was also engaged in agricultural pursuits while in Mendicino County. This action brought contact with local indians, and caused him to have to fight the Digger Indians. On 27 January 1860 he was a farmer in Little Lake Township, Mendocino County, California.299 On 10 August 1870 he was a farmer in Los Nietos Township, Los Angeles County, California.300 Noah died on 10 January 1903 at the age of 80 in Westminster, Orange County, California.293,294,296 Noah died from Tuberculosis. He was buried at Santa Ana Cemetery in Orange County, California.296 He is buried with his third wife, son Noah Houston and stepdaughter Sarah Murchison Whitehead in Fair Haven Cemetery, Santa Ana, California. He has reference number RM 397. LBM 84-362 Probably went to Texas with his father in 1837. Noah served five years with Samuel Houston, the first governor of Texas. The state gave him land in pay for his serviced in the War with Mexico. He was in Bosque after being in Robertson county. When he returned from the war and found his mother had died, he started west to Arizona and California.

Noah McCuistion and Mary Ann Cury were married on 21 January 1848 in Brazos County, Texas.293,301 The original genealogy indicates Noah married "Mrs. Mary Love", obviously, she was previously married. This in supported by the family bible, indicating Noah married a Mary Ann Cury on 21 January 1848, the same date he married "Mrs. Mary Love". Mary Ann Cury, daughter of Thomas M. Cury and Matilda , died possibly 1850 in probably Texas.274,296 It was believed that Mary Ann Cury McCuistion died 18 August 1852, as the original genealogy states, "They [Noah and Mary Ann] left Texas Mar. 14, 1852, and after many hardships reached San Francisco August 18, of that year. The wife died that day." However, Noah's great great granddaughter writes, "I don't think the death information for Mary is correct..." citing the 1850 census for Williamson County, Texas. The Williamson County census places Noah with the "Bright family and his daughter, Mary Ann age 2 living with her grandparents, Thomas and Matilda Curry in Brazos County, Texas." She has reference number RM 421.

Noah McCuistion-397 and Mary Ann Cury-421 had the following children:



Mary Ann McCuistion was born on 17 December 1848 in Texas.293 She appeared in the census on 2 November 1850 in Brazos County, Texas.296,302 Mary Ann, age 2 is listed with her grandparents, Thomas and Matilda Curry in Brazos County, Texas. She appeared in the census in the household of Noah McCuistion and Nancy Theresa Cox on 27 January 1860 in Little Lake Township, Mendocino County, California.303 Mary has reference number RM 18440.

Noah McCuistion and Nancy Theresa Cox were married on 24 September 1850 in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas.293,294,296,297,301 The original genealogy indicates Noah married Nancy in California; the family bible indicates they married in Texas. They293,294,296,297,301 appeared in the census on 27 January 1860 in Little Lake Township, Mendocino County, California.303 They303 appeared in the census on 10 August 1870 in Los Nietos Township, Los Angeles County, California.300 Noah and Nancy300 were divorced after 1870. Nancy Theresa Cox293 was born on 20 September 1827 in South Carolina.293 She died on 6 December 1883 at the age of 56 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.293,296 Nancy died of Meningitis. She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles County, California.296 Nancy has reference number RM 422. Although the original genealogy lists the name as Merguson, the record spells the name as indicated.

Noah McCuistion-397 and Nancy Theresa Cox-422 had the following children:



John Wesley McCuistion-1159.



Noah Houston McCuistion-1161.



Robert Tolaver McCuistion-1163.



William James McCuistion was born on 2 June 1857 in California.293,304 He appeared in the census in the household of Noah McCuistion and Nancy Theresa Cox on 27 January 1860 in Little Lake Township, Mendocino County, California.303 He died on 6 March 1871 at the age of 13.293,304 William has reference number RM 1162 - LBM 84iv-363. Died at ten years of age.

Noah McCuistion and Martha M. "Mattie" Thompson were married on 25 March 1891 in Pomona, California.296,301 They296,301 appeared in the census in June 1900 in Westminister Township, Orange County, California.305 Martha M. "Mattie" Thompson305 was born in July 1826 in Illinois.296,305 She died on 24 March 1905 at the age of 78 in California.296 Mattie died of paralysis. She was buried in Santa Ana Cemetery, Orange County, California.296 Mattie has reference number RM 423.