Fifth Generation

150. Ann Marjorie (Margaret) McCuistion was born on 22 June 1817 in Coffee County, Tennessee.286 Margaret is the twin sister of Milly McCuistion. She appeared in the census on 27 October 1850 in Robertson County, Texas.287 Ann is listed as Mary and is with her children in Precinct Number 4; her husband Edward is not listed and was found in Precinct Number 5. She died in 1869 at the age of 52 in Robertson County, Texas.277 She was killed when a panther jumped from a tree onto her horse as she was crossing Camp Creek in 1879. She was thrown from her buggy. Ann was buried at Camp Creek Cemetery in Franklin, Robertson County, Texas. She is buried beside her husband, Edward McMillan, at Camp Creek Cemetery, Robertson County, Texas. She has reference number RM 394. GKM 3411/3156 - LBM 78xi-360

Ann Marjorie (Margaret) McCuistion and Edward McMillan were married in 1837 in Robertson County, Texas. They appeared in the census on 15 June 1860 in Robertson County, Texas.288 Edward McMillan, son of Ann , was born in 1814 in Ireland. He immigrated in 1834 to Texas. He served in the military in 1836 in Battle of San Jacinto.289,290 Edward McMillan was single at the time of the battle of San Jacinto; he later received Headright Certificate #72 for one-third of a league of land from the Board of Land Commissioners for Robertson County. Having married, he was, on 1 March 1838, issued Headright Certificate #121 for two-thirds of one league and one labor of land by the robertson County Board. In this certificate it is stated that he arrived in Texas in January, 1834.

Edward McMillan was a member of Captain James Gillaspie's Company at San Jacinto and on 16 November 1838, he received Donation Certificate #603 for 640 acres of land for having participated in the battle. He was issued Bounty Certificate #4422 for 640 acres of land 15 November 1838, for his services in the army from 1 March to 1 September 1836. On 12 December 1851, he received Bounty Certificate #955 for 320 acres of land for having served in the army from 27 October 1835 to 5 January 1836.

He enrolled 9 March 1836 and was discharged 8 june 1836, after having served in the companies of Captains John Gafford, Joseph P. Lynch, James Gillaspie, and B. J. Ijams. He entered the service as a ranger in Captain Calvin Bole's Company 25 July 1836, and was discharged 25 November 1836. Edward appeared in the census on 26 October 1850 in Robertson County, Texas.291 He died in March 1865 at the age of 51 in Robertson County, Texas. He was buried in March 1865 at Camp Creek Cemetery in Franklin, Robertson County, Texas.49 Edward McMillan is buried in Camp Creek Cemetery, eight miles east of Franklin, Robertson County. He was a San Jacinto Veteran and his tombstone bears a state marker. He is buried at Camp Creek Cemetery. Edward has reference number RM 847.

Ann Marjorie (Margaret) McCuistion-394 and Edward McMillan-847 had the following children:



Mary Jane McMillan-848.



James Jhonce McMillan-849.



Robert Z. McMillan was born in 1846 in Robertson County, Texas.292 287 He appeared in the census in the household of Edward McMillan and Ann Marjorie (Margaret) McCuistion on 15 June 1860 in Robertson County, Texas.288 He served in the military Confederate Army on 1 May 1862 in Owensville, Robertson County, Texas.292 Robert enlisted in the Confederate Army, CSA 20th Texas Infantry REgt. Co D. (Elmore's), the same unit as his father. Robert appears on a register of General Hospital in Houston. He was admitted 1 February 1863 for pneumonia, and "furloughed" 4 February 1863 for 30 days.

Robert has reference number RM 850.



Lethe E. McMillan-851.



Cynthia N. McMillan-852.



Lamanda Lee "Mandy" McMillan-853.



Millie Ann McMillan-856.



Noah Warren McMillan-855.



Joseph Sampson "Samp" McMillan-857.