Seventh Generation

975. Francis Marion "Frank" McCuistion1343,1344 was born on 26 February 1861 in Hayes County, Texas. He appeared in the census on 15 April 1910 in Runnels County, Texas.1345 He died on 20 March 1942 at the age of 81 in Olney, Young County, Texas.1344 Richard states, "he died in 1942 when he wouldn't let the doctors cut his leg off." Frank has reference number RM 3832. GKM 1777/3209 - LBM 5v-337 According to his great grandson, Frances "was very religious. The people in town called him "The Jesus Man." He built rock fences down around Austin for forty cents a yard, and he was able to earn four dollars a day that way in the 90's when everybody else was only earning a dollar a day. He bought a section of land down there, but sold it in the early 1900's after losing his mother, father, brother and second wife - all between 1900 and 1905."

Francis Marion "Frank" McCuistion and Mary Frances "Mame" Staples were married on 25 December 1879. Mary Frances "Mame" Staples was born about 1861 in Texas. She died on 10 July 1899 at the age of 38. She died when her tenth child was born. She has reference number RM 3842.

Francis Marion "Frank" McCuistion-3832 and Mary Frances "Mame" Staples-3842 had the following children:



William Rodney "Bill" McCuistion-5580.



Charles Edward McCuistian-5581.



Warren G. McCuistion-5582.



Thomas McCuistion was born on 20 May 1886. He died died in infancy in Hayes County, Texas. He has reference number RM 5583 - GKM 1782/1777/3209 - LBM 5-336.



George Herman McCuistion-5584.



Richard D. McCuistion-5585.



Alfred Ernest McCuistian-4559.



Mattie Lou McCuistion-5586.



Titus M. McCuistion-5587.



Marion Francis McCuistion was born on 10 July 1899 in Texas.1345 1345 He died. He has reference number RM 5588 - GKM 1788/1777/3209 - LBM 5-336.

Francis Marion "Frank" McCuistion and Viola Gertrude Hodge were married on 26 August 1902 in San Marcos, Texas. Viola Gertrude Hodge1343 was born on 19 February 1887 in Terre Haute, Indiana. She died on 24 November 1905 at the age of 18 in Hayes County, Texas. The last name is Hodge vice Hodges.

Francis Marion "Frank" McCuistion-3832 and Viola Gertrude Hodge-3843 had the following children:



Marion Luke McCuistian-5589.



Mary Viola McCuistion-5590.