Seventh Generation

1839. Edmond Brent McCuiston was born on 25 May 1895 in Calloway County, Kentucky. He served in the military World War I.175 On 22 April 1930 he was a truck driver for an oil company in Stephens County, Texas.2185 Edmond died in August 1976 at the age of 81 in Odessa, Texas.2170 He has reference number 1698/1690(254v-284).

Edmond Brent McCuiston and Emma Pierce were married about 1920.2185 They2185 appeared in the census on 22 April 1930 in Stephens County, Texas.2185 Emma Pierce was born about 1904 in Tennessee.2185 She died before 2002 at the age of 98.2186

Edmond Brent McCuiston-3597 and Emma Pierce-6456 had the following children:



Edmond Brent McCuiston Jr.-6457.



Darlyene McCuiston-6459.



Elrita McCuiston-6460.



James Lloyd "Jimmie" McCuiston-6458.