Seventh Generation

1832. Hershel Doan McCuiston was born on 22 January 1881 in Calloway County, Kentucky.2169 He died from congestive heart failure on 24 December 1956 at the age of 75 at Henry County General Hospital in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.2169,2170 He was buried on 26 December 1956 at Johnson's Chapel Cemetery in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.1152,2169 Hershel is buried next to his wife, Ellen Barfield McCuiston and his son Curtis Hayden McCuiston. Hershel has reference number RM 3593. GKM 1691/1690 - LBM 254i-284

Hershel Doan McCuiston and Ellen Flora Barfield were married in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee. They appeared in the census on 3 April 1930 in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.2171 They2171 appeared in the census on 11 April 1940 in Henry County, Tennessee.2172 Ellen Flora Barfield, daughter of Tom Barfield and Elizabeth Smith, was born on 23 August 1887 in Tennessee.2170,2173 She died from uremia on 31 October 1953 at the age of 66 at 202 Ranton Street in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.2170,2173 She was buried on 1 November 1953 at Johnson's Chapel Cemetery in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.1152,2173 Ellen has reference number RM 7691.

Hershel Doan McCuiston-3593 and Ellen Flora Barfield-7691 had the following children:



Curtis Hayden McCuiston-7555.



Sue Murcille McCuiston-7692.