Eighth Generation

3601. Juliet McCuiston was born on 15 March 1899 in New Concord, Calloway County, Kentucky.1130 She died on 1 February 1982 at the age of 82.1130 She has reference number 1244(230iii-278).

Juliet McCuiston and Joseph Ezra Hargrove were married on 20 November 1919 in Metropolis, Illinois.1130 Joseph Ezra Hargrove was born on 30 November 1893 in Farmington, Kentucky. He died on 9 June 1983 at the age of 89.1130

Juliet McCuiston-3547 and Joseph Ezra Hargrove-3560 had the following children:



James Rudolf Hargrove was born on 4 March 1924 in Farmington, Graves County, Kentucky.1130,3039 He died from a premature birth on 8 March 1924 at the age of 0 in Farmington, Graves County, Kentucky.3039 He was buried on 10 March 1924 at Hargrove Cemetery in Farmington, Graves County, Kentucky.3039 James has reference number RM 22383.



Joseph Martin Hargrove-8656.



Jesse May Hargrove-8657.



John Richard Hargrove-8658.