Eighth Generation

3599. Herbert Ridley McCuiston was born on 18 July 1895 in New Concord, Calloway County, Kentucky.1130 He served in the military World War I.1130 He died on 20 May 1973 at the age of 77 in Phoenix, Arizonia.1130 Herbert was buried in Tucker Cemetery, Kirksey, Kentucky.1130 He was a Farmer and Police Work in Detroit, Michigan.1130 Herbert R. farmed until 1922, when he went to Detroit, Michigan; worked for the Ford Motor Company until 1926 and joined the police force for four years. Returned to the farm for six years, and was a deputy sheriff for four of the six years. Returned to Detroit for another job with Ford, then worked three different plant protection jobs. He has reference number 1242(230i-278).

Herbert Ridley McCuiston and Bobbie Maud Shelton were married on 22 January 1917 in Puryear, Tennessee.1130 Bobbie Maud Shelton died on 11 March 1988.1130