Eighth Generation

3537. Walter Gray McCuiston was born on 4 July 1886 in Kentucky.2110 2110 On 30 April 1910 he was a mill worker in Calloway County, Kentucky.2110 He died on 4 May 1971 at the age of 84. Walter was buried in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. He and his wife are buried in Highland Memorial Cemetery, Mt. Carmel, Illinois. He has reference number RM 3410. LBM 214-273

Walter Gray McCuiston and Frocie Ether Callahan were married on 26 December 1915.3022 Frocie Ether Callahan was born on 8 November 1891. She died on 13 February 1968 at the age of 76.

Walter Gray McCuiston-3410 and Frocie Ether Callahan-3423 had the following children:



Hardwick Mozel McCuiston was born. He has reference number (214i-273).



Auda Laurine McCuiston-3425.