Eighth Generation

3530. Teddie Warren McCuiston3015 was born on 20 February 1932 in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky.3015,3016 He died on 1 August 2014 at the age of 82 at Spring Creek Health Care in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky.3016 He has reference number RM 32747.

Teddie Warren McCuiston and #1 were married. #13015 was born (date unknown).

Teddie Warren McCuiston and Helen Mae Kennicutt were married on 11 October 1956 in Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia.3015,3016 Helen Mae Kennicutt3015, daughter of Frederick V. Kennicutt and Louise E. Miller, was born in 1936 in Washington, D. C..3015 She has reference number RM 32748.

Teddie Warren McCuiston-32747 and Helen Mae Kennicutt-32748 had the following children:



Dawn McCuiston-32749.



Alicia McCuiston-32750.



Shannon McCuiston-32751.



Teddie McCuiston-32752.