Eighth Generation

2887. Jewell Irene McCuistion1672,1674 was born on 12 May 1893 in Texas.1677 Jewell is listed as a boarder in the home of Perry and Charlotte Young. Charlotte is her aunt, sister of Columbus. 1677 1678 She has reference number RM 31845.

Jewell Irene McCuistion and O. N. Kuyrkendall Sr. were married. O. N. Kuyrkendall Sr. was born in Texas.2598 He has reference number RM 31846.

Jewell Irene McCuistion-31845 and O. N. Kuyrkendall Sr.-31846 had the following children:



O. N. Kuyrkendall Jr. was born on 3 February 1916 in Texas.2598 He died gangrene after appendectomy on 21 November 1933 at the age of 17 in Leonard, Fannin County, Texas.2598 He has reference number RM 31850.