Ninth Generation

5400. Daryl Franklin McCuiston was born in Virginia.3555 He has reference number RM 31385.

Daryl Franklin McCuiston and Audrey Mae Shiflett were married in Richmond, Virginia.3556 Audrey Mae Shiflett, daughter of Robert J. Shiflett and Mildred Linka, was born in Richmond, Virginia.3556 She has reference number RM 33649.

Daryl Franklin McCuiston and Tammy Juanita O'Neil were married in Richmond, Virginia.3555 Tammy Juanita O'Neil, daughter of Elmer Maurice O'Neil and Bobbie Delene Daniels, was born in Virginia.3555 She has reference number RM 33650.

Daryl Franklin McCuiston and Steva Jean Workman were married in McKenney, Dinwiddie County, Virginia.3557 Steva Jean Workman, daughter of Arthur Workman and Vonie Robinette, was born in West Virginia.3557 She has reference number RM 33655.