Sixth Generation

323. William McCuiston was born in 1811 in North Carolina.555,556 He in 1833 in Bedford County, Tennessee.556 Name moved place date.556 He died in 1873 at the age of 62 in Winona, Mississippi.556 William has reference number RM 3106. LBM 8-306

William McCuiston and Sarah were married in 1843.556 They556 appeared in the census on 8 November 1850 in Choctaw County, Mississippi.557 They557 appeared in the census on 6 October 1860 in Choctaw County, Mississippi.555 William and Sarah555 appeared in the census on 17 October 1870 at Lodi in Choctaw County, Mississippi.558 Sarah556 was born about 1818 in Georgia.558,559 She has reference number RM 3156.

William McCuiston-3106 and Sarah -3156 had the following children:



Samuel R. McCuiston-3157.



John William McCuiston-3159.



Howard McCuiston-4651.



Robert McCuiston has reference number RM 3158.