Sixth Generation

345. Sarah McCuiston was born in 1841 in Calloway County, Kentucky.614 She appeared in the census on 1 August 1850 in Calloway County, Kentucky.215 She appeared in the census on 24 August 1860 in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky.218 Sarah died on 24 July 1890 at the age of 49.615 She was buried at McCuiston Cemetery in Calloway County, Kentucky.615 She has reference number RM 3079. LBM 45-317

Sarah McCuiston and William Wallace "Billy" Baucum were married.616 They616 appeared in the census on 21 July 1870 in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky.617 William Wallace "Billy" Baucum616, son of Wyatt Baucum and Mary Elizabeth Swor, was born on 13 January 1842 in Benton County, Tennessee.217,616,618 He served in the military Co. H, 1TN Cav on 11 December 1862 in Benton County, Tennessee.616 He enlisted under Capt. Rickman for the duration of the war. he carried a fine new cavalry trunk, which was attached to the back of his saddle by fancy straps. By June 1863, his brother John had died in the services of the Confederate Army, and his brother Thomas James had enlisted. William was suffering from severe dysentery and a fever and was allowed to travel home with the body of his brother to have the remains properly buried in the family burying ground upon the repeated requests of his family. his brother Thomas James, fearing William might not make the journey safely in his weakened state, went without permission to make sure William completed the journey. He died on 18 November 1922 at the age of 80.618 Billy was buried in New Concord Cemetery, Calloway County, Kentucky.618 He has reference number RM 3324.

Sarah McCuiston-3079 and William Wallace "Billy" Baucum-3324 had the following children:



Pleasant Green Baucum-3325.



Wyatt Lynch Baucum-3326.



William Albert Baucum615 was born in February 1871. He has reference number RM 3327. LBM 45iii-317



Kino Baucum-3328.