Sixth Generation

342. Robert J. McCuiston was born in 1834 in Kentucky.215 He appeared in the census on 1 August 1850 in Calloway County, Kentucky.215 He owned land on 12 July 1860 in Calloway County, Kentucky.593 He sold the land to his brother, William A. and went to Arkansas. Robert died in 1861 at the age of 27 in Arkansas.593 He was killed by bushwackers. He has reference number RM 3076. LBM 30-313

Robert J. McCuiston and Elizabeth W. "Betty" Grogan were married before 1860.593 Elizabeth W. "Betty" Grogan594 died about 1861 in Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky.593 After Robert's death, Elizabeth and her son, Andrew started for home in Kentucky. She has reference number RM 3237.

Robert J. McCuiston-3076 and Elizabeth W. "Betty" Grogan-3237 had the following children:



Andrew Johnson McCuiston-3238.