Ninth Generation

4884. Audrey Marie McQuistion was born.1667

Audrey Marie McQuistion and Larry Gail Clark were married.1667 Larry Gail Clark (private).

Audrey Marie McQuistion-28504 and Larry Gail Clark -28547 had the following children:



Toney Marie McQuistion-28551.

Audrey Marie McQuistion and Dennis Roy Matthews were married.1667 Dennis Roy Matthews, son of Leslie Matthews and Ilene , was born on 10 December 1941 in Tonasket, Washington.1667 He died on 1 October 1972 at the age of 30 in Butte, Montana.1667

Audrey Marie McQuistion-28504 and Dennis Roy Matthews-28548 had the following children:



Leslie Dan Matthews-28549.



Lance Leroy Patrick Matthews was born on 1 April 1966 in Tonasket, Washington.1667 He died on 1 July 1986 at the age of 20 in Wilbur, Washington.1667

Audrey Marie McQuistion and Raymond Henry Kidwell were married.1667 Raymond Henry Kidwell died in Republic, Washington.

Audrey Marie McQuistion and Robert Burkhead were married in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.1667 Robert Burkhead (private).

Audrey Marie McQuistion and Garry Russel Brashear were married in Wilbur, Washington.1667 Garry Russel Brashear was born in Wenatchee, Washington.1667

Audrey Marie McQuistion-28504 and Garry Russel Brashear-28505 had the following children:



Savannah Elaine Brashear was born in Chewelah, Washington.1667