Seventh Generation

2032. Isoline Nancy McQuiston was born on 23 July 1866 in Pennsylvania. She died on 4 July 1926 at the age of 59 in St. Joseph, Missouri. She was buried in Richland, Kansas. Buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Isoline has reference number 855(111-234).

Isoline Nancy McQuiston and L. B. Clark were married on 18 March 1885. L. B. Clark was born on 5 October 1866 in Indiana.

Isoline Nancy McQuiston-2728 and L. B. Clark-2736 had the following children:



Vernie D. Clark was born on 30 November 1886. She has reference number RM 2737 - GKM 855 - LBM 111i-235.



Fay Clark-2738.



Fern Clark-2739.