Fifth Generation

196. James McCuistion118 was born in 1798 or 1799 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.153,401,402 He , upon examination was admitted, on 27 July 1816 at Hopewell Church in Jefferson County, Tennessee.150 Name obtained avalue date place403 Andrew McCuistion is listed on the bond. He died before 1861 at the age of 63.54 He died in lost trace before the Civil War. James has reference number RM 10947. LBM 1iii-389 and merged from RM 10947 He and Nelly Grace are second cousins.

James McCuistion and Nelly Grace obtained a marriage license on 12 January 1818 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee.404 They404 were married on 13 January 1818 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.118,405,406 James and Nelly were married by the Reverend John McCampbell. Nelly Grace, daughter of Richard Grace and Elizabeth Bradshaw, has reference number RM 26900.