Seventh Generation

2026. Dr. Mary McQuiston was born on 8 July 1869 in Venango County, Pennsylvania. She appeared in the census on 1 June 1870 in Scrubgrass Township, Venangal County, Pennsylvania.534 She was educated attended McQuiston School. Mary was a M.D. in Vineland, Topeka and Buffalo, Kansas. She has reference number 849(105-232).

Dr. Mary McQuiston and Dr. Christopher Blaugh Miller were married on 26 November 1891. Dr. Christopher Blaugh Miller was born on 2 August 1865 in Marshall County, Indiana.

Dr. Mary McQuiston-2680 and Dr. Christopher Blaugh Miller-2701 had the following children:



Clarence Leroy Miller was born. He has reference number 849(105i-232).



Cyril Bertram Miller was born. He has reference number 849(105ii-232).



Genevieve Esther Miller was born. She has reference number 849(105iii-232).