Seventh Generation

2023. Lester Loyd McQuiston was born on 14 November 1891 in Venango County, Pennsylvania. He died on 15 February 1967 at the age of 75 in Grove City, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.2246 Lester died at Bashline Memorial Hospital, Grove City, Pennsylvania. He had been in the hospital for ten days, since 5 February 1967; had an operation and died of a blood clot. He was a Lumber Dealer in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania. Lester has reference number 862(101-231).

Lester Loyd McQuiston and Ethel Ermina Burrows were married on 17 September 1918 in New Vernon Township, Pennsylvania. Ethel Ermina Burrows was born on 8 October 1892 in New Vernon Township, Pennsylvania. She has reference number RM 2605.

Lester Loyd McQuiston-2604 and Ethel Ermina Burrows-2605 had the following children:



Mary Susanna McQuiston-2606.



Mae Lucile McQuiston-2607.



Harold Alexander McQuiston-2608.