Eighth Generation

3867. Mina Marie McQuiston was born in Sumner, Illinois.1189 She was a Beautician.1189 She was Methodist.1189 Mina has reference number 2187/1599(79ii-222).

Mina Marie McQuiston and Elra Charles Shouey were married in Ripley, New York.2237 They2237 were divorced.1189 Elra Charles Shouey, son of Edward Shouey and Lottie Heckerwell, was born on 18 January 1910 in Cochranton, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.1189 He died on 19 July 1963 at the age of 53 in Concord, California.1189 He was also known as Bing.1189 Elra was a Bus Driver.1189 Elra drove a Harmony Short Line Bus.

Mina Marie McQuiston-2533 and Elra Charles Shouey-2540 had the following children:



John Edward Shouey Pollard-9530.



Thomas Charles Shouey Pollard-9531.



Judith Marie Shouey Pollard-9532.

Mina Marie McQuiston and Travis Boyd Pollard were married in Phoenix, Arizonia.1189 Travis Boyd Pollard was born in Atlanta, Georgia.