Seventh Generation

1998. John B. McQuiston was born on 29 April 1879 in Deer Creek Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.1189 He served in the military U.S. Army Spanish-American War.1189 At the age of 18 John joined the military. He was a Spanish-American War veteran, serving three years and in the Phillipines. John received a war pension. He Land Purchase in 1912 in Deer Creek Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. John B. and Vira bought their property along the Sheakleyville-Millidgeville Road. After the death of John B., Vira sold the farm to the youngest son, Edward L. McQuiston. John died on 20 September 1957 at the age of 78 in Hadley, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.2237 John B. is buried with sons; John B. Jr., Arthur, and infant son; also grandson, John Arthur. He was educated up to the 6th grade.1189 John received further education in the service. John was a Farmer and Oil Driller in Hadley, Pennsylvania.1189 He has reference number 1599/792(79-222). Name belonged to value.1189 John belonged to Odd Fellows for many years.

John B. McQuiston and Vira Agnes Legg were married on 23 February 1909 in Sumner, Illinois.1189 Vira Agnes Legg, daughter of Henry Legg and Emily Petty, was born on 4 September 1891 in Sumner, Illinois.1189 She died in December 1980 at the age of 89.1189 She was educated up to the 8th grade in Sumner, Illinois.1189 Vira was a worker for oil men borders in the home.1189

John B. McQuiston-2502 and Vira Agnes Legg-2531 had the following children:



William Henry McQuiston-6115.



Mina Marie McQuiston-2533.



Mary Ann McQuiston-2534.



Arthur McQuiston-2535.



Amon Legg McQuiston-2536.



Forrest McQuiston-2537.



Nellie Emily McQuiston-2538.



John B. McQuiston Jr. was born on 3 March 1925 in Hadley, Pennsylvania. He died on 1 September 1927 at the age of 2. He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.2237 John has reference number 2192/1599(79viii-222).



Floyd Balser McQuiston-7069.



Evelyn Lucille McQuiston-6970.



Edward Leslie McQuiston-4732.



McQuiston was stillborn on 23 July 1935 in Hadley, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.2237