Eighth Generation

3252. Maggie J. Hudson was born on 1 March 1868 in Tennessee.444 She died on 24 May 1900 at the age of 32 in Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas.444 Obituary from Madison County:

The remains of Mrs. M. G. Skaggs, who died at Rogers recently of consumption [Tuberculosis], were interred at Huntsville. She was buried in Huntsville Cemetery, Madison County, Arkansas.444

Maggie J. Hudson and Morgan Gideon Skaggs Jr. were married on 12 January 1886 in Madison County, Arkansas.444 Maggie is Morgan's niece, the daughter of Morgan's sister, Lydia Skaggs Hudson. Morgan Gideon Skaggs Jr., son of Morgan Gideon Skaggs and Mary Ann Daugherty, was born in 1865.444

Maggie J. Hudson-23239 and Morgan Gideon Skaggs Jr.-23200 had the following children:



Doyl Skaggs-23246.