Seventh Generation

1945. Wilbur Hitt McQuiston was born on 12 November 1867 in Morrisville, Ripley County, Indiana. He has reference number 749(38-205).

Wilbur Hitt McQuiston and Ellen E. Drew were married on 11 February 1897 in Detroit, Michigan. Ellen E. Drew was born on 26 June 1868.

Wilbur Hitt McQuiston-2286 and Ellen E. Drew-2342 had the following children:



Mary McQuiston was born on 28 February 1898 in Frankfort, Indiana. She died on 9 March 1918 at the age of 20. She has reference number 749(38i-205).



Francis J. McQuiston was born on 29 July 1899 in Frankfort, Indiana. She died on 25 February 1924 at the age of 24. She has reference number 749(38ii-205).



John Gabriel McQuiston was born in Frankfort, Indiana. He was ordained in Saint Marys, Kansas. He has reference number 749(38iii-205).